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On The Varanda | Sagres III Journey

Photo Credit: Maritime Forces Atlantic | January 2020

A Historic Voyage

A revolutionary journey by sea from a steel-built, three-masted barque of the Portuguese Navy.

The Portuguese Navy Tall Ship, the NRP Sagres (sometimes referred to as Sagres III), started its 371-day circumnavigation voyage around the globe yesterday departing from Lisbon as part of the celebrations of the Fifth Centenary of Portugal's Fernão de Magalhães circumnavigation of earth, the first to have done so, having proved that the earth is round after all.

The voyage recreating the Circumnavigation commanded by the Portuguese navigator Magalhães includes:

  • Presence in Tokyo 2020 during the Olympic Games;

  • Participation in the celebrations of the 500 years of the Discovery of the Strait of Magellan in Punta Arenas, Chile, in October 18th-23th, 2020;

  • Navigation in company of ESPS Juan Sebastian Elcanoduring part of the voyage;

  • Presence in cities of the Global Network of Magellan

  • Cities; Presence in cities of the Portuguese diaspora.

During 371 days, the ship’s mission will focus on sea training for first and second-year Naval Academy cadets, as well as, on port calls and economic diplomacy activities. The Sagres III has an interesting history: built by Blohm & Boss and launched in Hamburg, Germany in 1937; seized as war reparation by the United States in 1944; sold to Brazilian Navy in 1948; sold to Portuguese Navy in 1961 with a current status as Training Ship.


Sagres III: An Expedition Around the Globe

Photo Credit: Reddit

The Sagres III departing Lisbon is on her 371-day circumnavigation voyage around the world as part of the celebrations of the fifth centenary of the circumnavigation of Fernando Magellan (Fernão de Magalhães).

Follow The Varanda Network on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as we report on her journey with her first official stop at 20 ports in 19 countries being in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, Spain.

One of the main highlights of the trip is the arrival in Tokyo to hand over the Portuguese flag to the Olympic delegation in the Japanese capital, where the ship will initially present itself as the House of Portugal.

The most significant highlight will be as the first time that the ship will have scientific projects onboard. They are going to measure the state of the oceans and the atmosphere... learning more about currents, climate change, biodiversity, and the pollution of plastics.


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