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The Varanda Network partners with your company as an extension of your brand and business model to drive growth.
  • Reviewing or developing your company’s Market and Competitive Analysis, and executing effective and innovative sales strategies complete with sales objectives and tactics.

  • Investing time in training and working with your marketing and technical experts for access to product knowledge and information, and alignment to your corporate vision.

  • Creating a systematic and sustainable sales lead Pipeline-Building Process, with prioritized in-market activity. We also  combine our sales skills, experience and credibility as sales professionals for measurable results, with your brand’s reputation.

  • Identifying, qualifying and quantifying potential by understanding the market need and challenges.

  • Using a customer-centric Consultative Approach to position your products/services as solutions for your clients through face-to-face meetings with C-level Buyers.

  • Transferring all Customer Relationship knowledge and data to your in-house experts and your CRM or providing you with access to our basic system without the cost of licensing, training, or maintenance.

  • Having effective and Ongoing Communication to ensure that all your needs are being met and remain on track for ongoing success.

  • Accessing government grants and funds for business development consulting, where available.

 We defer allocation of internal resources and overhead by:
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